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The Conservative commenter PWE Ingham this morning posted the below on this thread:

It looks as if the massed ranks of intimidating Bangladeshi “Polling Agents” have started early this time. Normally they only appear, to block the pavements, importune hapless voters and generally create an atmosphere of menace around the Boroughs polling stations on the day itself. This time a large gang of “Lutfurites” were seen outside the Teviot Centre in East India & Lansbury ward on Wednesday Afternoon! What were they up to, not even they seemed to know? Ted, will you monitor this increasingly ugly local phenomena?

Unfortunately, I have a day job to do, but I thought it would be interesting for you, dear readers, to post your own observations of the good, the bad and the ugly at the borough’s polling booths today. Remember the house rules and that anything potentially libellous will be removed. Please be careful when it comes to naming anyone.

Over to you…

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