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A Labour spokesman has tonight confirmed to me that 11 party members, including eight councillors, have been expelled. He would not confirm names but they are thought to include the following councillors who I named in this post last week: Ohid Ahmed, Alibor Choudhury, Oliur Rahman, Rania Khan, Lutfa Begum, Rabina Khan, Aminur Khan and Shelina Aktar.

The spokesman said: “Eleven members of the Tower Hamlets Labour party have automatically expelled themselves because of their actions in clearly supporting candidates who are standing against us. The 11 include eight councillors. Anyone who campaigns against the party will receive the same action.”

Separately, a Labour source said there was deep unease over the position of Ken Livingstone who told me at the party conference in Manchester last week that the treatment of Lutfur Rahman had been “disgraceful” and urged voters to place him second on the ballot paper.

The source said that was the wrong attitude and added: “People have to realise that you’re either with us or against us in this. I’m not happy about what Ken said.”

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