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Just a brief post on tonight’s chaotic, almost inaudible, strangely pointless hustings event at St Matthias Church in Poplar. (I’ll do a fuller one when I find time tomorrow).

I came away feeling that two of the candidates performed very well in the circumstances, one remained quietly dignified under fire, a fourth did OK and a fifth was pretty much out of his depth (and I have to say, that’s not a bad thing – the atmosphere was at times poisonous).

I’d say that, in terms of content, Lib Dem John Griffiths (who landed blows on everyone) just about edged it from the Conservatives’ Neil King, while Labour’s Helal Abbas, when he could be heard above the heckling from Lutfur Rahman’s young supporters, probably came third. The Greens’ Alan Duffell is, I think, beginning to wonder what political cesspit his party’s landed him in.

As I say, more detail tomorrow


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Housekeeping rules

As the election for Tower Hamlets mayor enters its last nine days, the level of hostility is intensifying. This is being reflected in the quality and quantity of comments submitted to this blog.

I’m more than happy to host a debate, but anything touching on personal insults which are above and beyond the level of healthy, robust and even sometimes fraught political discourse will be removed.

I’m also receiving an increasing number of comments which make specific, unsubstantiated allegations of wrongdoing and illegality against named individuals. In practically all these cases, pseudonyms such as Richard, James, John, Andrew, Charlotte, Rachel, Alfred and Albert are being used by the commenter. If you want me as a journalist to take you seriously, then contact me directly by email – even anonymously if you prefer – and provide me with direct proof. I can then investigate, should that be necessary.


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