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The Tower Hamlets Labour group has just released the following press release (I’m waiting for a statement from the council):

Labour councillors are pressing for an investigation after a break-in attempt on the Leader of the Labour Group’s office last month after the lock was found jammed following an attempt to force the door.
The incident occurred over the weekend of the 9th and 10th March, only days after the Council’s Budget was amended by Labour councillors. Had access been gained many of the Labour Leader’s confidential documents would have been accessible, including budget plans and constituent casework.
The office is located on the 1st Floor of the Town Hall in an area restricted to the Mayor and councillors and their staff as well as senior Council officers raising concerns that whoever attempted to access the office may also have managed to gain access to a restricted area on the 1st floor.
Leader of the Labour Group, Cllr Joshua Peck, said: “I have written to the Council’s Chief Officer to request that a full investigation is undertaken and that the attempted break in is reported to the police.
“This is not the first time politicians’ offices have seen break-in attempts. The Council must take steps to protect councillors’ offices and make sure nobody has access who shouldn’t.”

UPDATE, April 3…5.20pm

The council has just told me there is no CCTV in that part of the town hall and that there is no “conclusive evidence” of a break-in. As such, they say the police will not be called. Here’s the council’s statement:

“An investigation has been completed and no conclusive evidence was found to confirm that a break-in had been attempted. The door was unopened but the lock could not be used and has now been replaced. We are currently considering options as to how security, in that particular part of the building, might be improved.”

This is becoming a familiar refrain!

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