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..you can see them on the City Hall website here. The details for his latest claims are here.



If anyone needs reminding of the fares claimed in that same financial year by his Lutfurite opponents, they can read all about them here:

Lutfur Rahman, including a £28.56 cab from McDonald’s in Commercial Road (total £2,789 + £70 a day chauffeured Mercedes).

Deputy Mayor Ohid Ahmed: here and here (total £1,482, including £140 to celebrate Jesse Jackson’s birthday).

Rabina Khan here (total £1,088, including £220 for a 1.5mile trip to the park).

Oli Rahman here (total £1,400, including trips to Channel S; so far he is the only one to apologise).

Now, if I were John Biggs, I’d be putting all this on an election leaflet. It’s the kind of thing that people understand.


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