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EDL demo – over to you

Sadly, I’ve been tied to my desk all day, so the closest I got to the EDL march was a view of them being marshaled across Tower Bridge. As soon as they were over it, the bridge was raised and that seemed to deter any return.

From what I’ve read on Twitter and from talking to those who were there, the police operation seemed to be massive. Given no large scale violence flared, their expensive tactics – our photographers reported seeing dozens of vans from forces in Wales and Scotland -seem to have worked.

I wonder what the day cost? It’s one of those days where everyone is claiming victory, apart from perhaps the taxpayer.

Let’s just hope that the EDL take home the message that Tower Hamlets is not as bad as they might have read. Those of us who live here are more than capable of looking after ourselves and our own problems, thank you very much.

Anyway, feel free to give your views of today’s events.



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