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Mayor Lutfur Rahman is trying a new strategy to suck up the Labour leadership. Here “he” (for is it really him?) is on his blog writing about Ed Miliband’s speech to the TUC today:

Today, Ed Miliband addressed the Trades Union Congress. He covered a wide range of interesting topics, centred around the immediate future for the left, how we oppose the Conservative government and what part trade unionists can play. As I’ve made clear before, I personally didn’t see eye to eye with Ed on the industrial action of 30 March – I truly felt that public sector workers had been left with no alternative – but on the whole it’s a brilliant speech, and well worth a read, so I’m reproducing it here.

(To read the entire speech, go to Lutfur’s blog).

In all the years I’ve listened to Lutfur talking, he has never sounded like this. So, who is Lutfur’s brain these days? Anyone know?


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