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Bodrul Islam, the community activist who ran into the arms of Respect after Jim Fitzpatrick walked out of his wedding last year, has a wonderful way with his soap box oratory. He really holds nothing back. Last month, he used his Facebook page to voice his fury at Lutfur Rahman for not singing the praises of the organisation that Bodrul claimed propelled him into office: the Islamic Forum of Europe.

In that outburst, he also promised to spill the beans on the full extent of the IFE’s work in Lutfur’s campaign. Bodrul said he had intimate knowledge because he was there all the way. Tonight, again on Facebook, he has started to paint a fuller picture of what he says went on.

Here it is (as at 12am, Dec 28):


    Here goes guys, the truth about the mayor’s camp, his supporters and the organisations. As a polling agent and co-ordinator for the elections, I had an insider status in his camp.


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        Bodrul Islam  

        Lads steady I haven’t even started yet. Continuing on Abdullah ali is simply a liar.
        Now lets go to the jugular. Has lutfur explicit links with the ife? Absolutely, we were at a meeting where lutfur was with a senior member of the ife, named x who I know from childhood, who was co-ordinating his campaign. If this is dispusted, I am willing to give names. The mayor’s campaign was co-ordinated from greatorex street where the office was directed exclusively by ife members who many I know personally. If this is challenged I am willing to give names. The mayor’s campaign manager was himself an ife member, by the name x. What is absolutely ridiculous is the way the mayor lies when he is asked whether he has direct links with the ife. I believe strongly that ife are in general a very competent organisation who do excellent grass-root work. Why the denial? Why the lie? The strongest criticism of mine is of some members of the ife. Why lie point blank with the denial when one is actually an islamic organisation and gives naseeha to people. I will comeback later with more examples of this and emails, and how involved london bangla were and other organisations. Allah is witness whether I am telling the truth or not.
        about an hour ago via Facebook Mobile ·  1 person

        Azmol Hussain Abdullah Ali and Muhammad Khan: This is Bodrul’s Facebook page; he is free to criticise anyone who he wishes. If you don’t want to engage with his arguements; and instead resort to ad hominem, than perhaps it would be wiser you kept your opinions to yourself. He has never asked you for your medical “diagnosis”, nor for you to respond to his post. You do so out of your free will; so don’t make it out like he is imposing his ideas and values on you! 

        54 minutes ago

        Bodrul Islam Let me just mention that I will be downloading an email from one of lutfur’s advisor and polling agent which clearly states that it would be suicide for the mayor’s camp if they are seen to be co-ordinating their campaign with ife and working with respect. The question, why is it political suicide? 

        44 minutes ago

        Bodrul Islam Lets talk about the role the london bangla has in this. Their journalists were embedded with the mayor’s camp. How do I know this, I was campaigning with them. I am willing to give names and witnesses if there are disputes. The infamous wife-beating report of abbas was known to the mayor’s camp which included me, one week in advance. Is this responsible journalism? 

        43 minutes ago

        Excellency Alex Kuye Bodrul I wAS told that ure father is a member of IFE is that true. 

        27 minutes ago

        Bodrul Islam Let’s talk about tactics. As a key campaigner I was told to focus more on the bengali voters since we were unlikely tn get the white vote. Is tha really going for a community approach? 

        21 minutes ago

        Bodrul Islam Yes he is alex but doesn’t occupy any position of responsibility. As I have stated earlier ife are in general a competent organisation who do excellent grassroot work. If you go through ted jeory’s blog you will realise that I vigorously defended the ife, ted didn’t seem too happy with that. The question my friend is why does the mayor’s camp continue to lie about the connection and why doesn’t the mayor defend the ife? 

        21 minutes ago via Facebook Mobile

        Excellency Alex Kuye I have nothing wrong with it i wanted to see if the info someone told me was true 

        20 minutes ago

        Shahaveer Shubo Hussain Brother Mohammad, I think it’s wrong when they have hidden motives especially if it means gaining political power to influence policys. 

        19 minutes ago

        Daniel Pasha Shubo, they were not spreading propaganda, they were printing absolute rubbish. Absolutely filthy stuff were printed by that paper. 

        18 minutes ago

        Muhammad Khan So u believe in Gilligans rant… u r utterly ignorant… 

        15 minutes ago

        Daniel Pasha Surely everyone’s entitled to an opinion. That doesn’t make him believe in Gilligan. 

        14 minutes ago

        Muhammad Khan Yes but thats a lie though is it not Daniel? 

        13 minutes ago

        Muhammad Khan if everything is ‘opinion’, than tell me why cant anyones ‘opinion’ be that the holocaust never happened? 

        12 minutes ago

        Daniel Pasha What kind of an analogy is that?!?! 

        11 minutes ago ·  1 person

        Muhammad Khan Well, differentiate between FACT and OPINION my friend- its a FACT that IFE has nothing to do with taking control of territory or the gov, thats too good, or too bad to be true my friend- ur obviously a bit deluded- cos i can form a lot of baseless opinion about u, could i not? 

        10 minutes ago

        Bodrul Islam I was personally asked by lutfur and ohid if respect can help them get 10,000 out of the 17,000 respect received in the general election. Why the lie that the mayor’s camp didn’t seek to co-operate with respect? After the election, the mayor’s camp suddenly didn’t want to have anything to do with respect. Machiavellian and self-interested politics at its finest. 

        10 minutes ago via Facebook Mobile

        Daniel Pasha  

        Muhammad Khan, you fool, no one said that the IFE are taking hold of the Government. What people are saying is that without the lobbying power of the IFE, Lutfur Rahman would not have achieved what he has achieved so far. 

        And it seems you think you’re some kind of a psychiatrist, diagnosing Bodrul bhai and now me.

        Fool, get yourself checked out first.

        8 minutes ago

        Shahaveer Shubo Hussain Don’t you think your comments abit petty. It would of been great if you talked about the organisation instead of accusing me of being ignorant. 

        7 minutes ago

        Muhammad Khan Daniel and Shahveer- If u r going to accuse anyone (in this case IFE) who are in ur deluded minds are trying to take over the world- than at least try to give evidence… if u cant prove it, than that would prove that ur quite deluded… 

        6 minutes ago

        5 minutes ago

        Bodrul Islam I have once and for all finished anything to do with tower hamlets politics. What we need is fresh young talent coming in, uniting the community and taking it forward. We do not need anymore dinosaurs who are fighting for their egos. Imran this insha-Allah is my last post ever on tower hamlets politics. I will let others do the politics. 

        5 minutes ago via Facebook Mobile

        Daniel Pasha You’re pathetic, you fool. Again, Shubo or I have neither said the IFE are taking over the world. If you read carefully, I agree completely with Bodrul bhai and think the IFE are a great organisation working at the grassroots level in the community. It’s CERTAIN individuals that tarnish the organisation’s name and reputation. 

So, we now have Bodrul’s word that IFE effectively ran Lutfur’s campaign. Did they? If you’re reading this Bodrul, let’s see the email you’ve been promising us all and which you mention above.
What I’m also intrigued about is the suggestion that Lutfur’s camp knew one a week in advance about the the disgraceful “Abbas is a wife-beater” ad that appeared in the London Bangla which I revealed here in the latter stages of the campaign. Bodrul says that the newspaper’s journalists were an integral part of the campaign team. If so, did they work for free? Bodrul, please provide more proof: this is potentially serious stuff.

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