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Well, now we know what Mayor Lutfur Rahman is going to use his £599 iPhone 4 for (you can see him holding his new toy in the picture on the left).

He’s just set up a Twitter account. It’s here http://twitter.com/MayorLutfur.

So far, he’s tweeted just the once (at 2pm today): “snow receding, ice melting but work continuing…all the excitement is in Tower Hamlets!”

Watching snow melt is exciting, undoubtedly. We look forward to more of these observations.

At the time of writing he is following an eclectic group of 20 people, including Ken Livingstone (of course), Lewisham Mayor Sir Steve Bullock, the Drudge Report, Queen Rania of Jordan and the Dalai Lama.

Twitter is an ideal way to get in touch with him directly, so it will also be interesting to see how often he is able to reply. If he’s not careful, our first Twitter mayor could end up spending all day answering people’s queries.

Or upsetting those he ignores. The choppy of waters of Twitter await…

PS. The following his is his current Twitter account biography:

Bio A father; a community activist; a social democrat and here to serve the residents of Tower Hamlets as it’s first Directly Elected Mayor.

Anyone spot the grammar mistake? Tut tut! What an example to set the children of Tower Hamlets…

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