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I’ve just received a call from defeated Spitalfields candidate who lost Thursday’s by-election after first failing to come clean about his violent criminal past and then upsetting local Labour colleagues by being a relatively unknown.

He told me he had just read my post from yesterday about alleged vote fraud and asked if his name could be “withdrawn” from the article. I said that was not possible and that I had already made it clear there was no suggestion he had been involved in any way. He reaffirmed that he knew nothing about the alleged actions of his supporters.

Instead, he said it was in fact Respect, not Labour, which was guilty of vote fraud. He said: “This is what they always do. They thought they were going to lose and they set these allegations up. I believe that they did a lot of stuff. I saw them running up and down with a lot of people. In the centres, my people stopped a lot of their voters – these people didn’t live at the addresses they said they did.”

When I asked whether those alleged serious incidents had been reported to the police or to the Returning Officer, he said: “I don’t know. I will have to talk to my people.” I told him that given the serious nature of the allegations I was surprised that he, the candidate, wasn’t aware if they had been reported to the police. His answer was: “It’s Respect who generates these things.”

As Tower Hamlets council’s Returning Officer has now referred two of Respect’s allegations (Christ Church and Arthur Deakin House) to the police, Alim can be confident that any meaty evidence he supplies will be taken similarly seriously.

PS…will post on the Marc Francis situation later.

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