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Here’s a question: who do you trust more, Tower Hamlets councillors or our beloved security services?

Tricky one isn’t it?

Well, it seems from an email sent by the council’s head of communications on Saturday night that the MoD was either incompetent in how it went about its plan to put missiles on top of a crumbling Grade II-listed water tower in the Bow Quarter conservation area, or it read this blog and concluded our politicians couldn’t be trusted with classified information.

This was sent by council communictaions head Takki Sulaiman at the request of interim chief executive Aman Dalvi on Saturday night:

Dear Councillors

The Interim Chief Executive has asked me to inform you that Sky News are reporting that missiles and troops are to be sited at Bow Quarter during the Olympic Games.  This follows the MoD’s decision to leaflet the area informing residents of their decision.  There are a number of important elements that Aman is keen to impart to you as local representatives:
1.    The security services met with council representatives on two occasions – the last being late on Thursday afternoon
2.    The MoD sought permission to use the privately owned building directly from the landlord
3.    The information was deemed to be classified
4.    It was agreed that councillors would be notified of the decision first then residents.  However it appears residents were notified first by leaflet today.
5.    The security measures including troop deployment and missile sites are also being used in other host boroughs and around the capital during the Games
Aman is offline at the moment but able to talk by phone tomorrow if you require further information.
So it seems that all the MoD has to do if they want to put a few missiles on private rooftops is to ask the permission of the owner. I said it on Twitter yesterday, but here it is again: they are more than happy to put them on my rooftop (although I would like some say in where they’re aimed).

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