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Congratulations to the new councillor for Spitalfields and Banglatown, G(h)ulam Robbani (if you’re new to this blog and wondering about the spelling, see here). Here he is looking all happy-clappy next to the Mayor earlier this year:

Yes, it was a close-run thing by 43 votes, but at the end of the day this was a by-election in what should be Labour’s heartland and the loss is another blow. That they failed to muster a higher turnout for what was a crucial test for them speaks volumes. Lutfur will be smiling, I’m sure. But will his friend be, Ken Livingstone? (By the way, there at least two journalists also smiling: Robbani has an interesting past… .)

Here are the details of the results from the Tower Hamlets council website

Kirsty BLAKE  (Green Party) –  99 votes

Richard Alan MACMILLAN  (Liberal Democrats) – 39 votes   

Gulam ROBBANI (Independent) – 1030 votes

Matthew James SMITH (Conservative Party) – 140 votes

Ala UDDIN (The Labour Party) –  987 votes

Turnout 31.43 per cent.

So, 2295 votes cast: I need to find to find out how much this cost, so we can quote a figure of £ per vote. It will be the final legacy of Shelina Ak(h)tar’s benefit fraud.

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