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Two weeks ago, I expressed astonishment that Tower Hamlets Council was promoting a Lutfur Rahman-supporting “newspaper” run by someone who had published disgraceful wife-beating smears about former Labour mayoral candidate Helal Abbas.

You’ll recall that someone in the council had decided to reserve space in the town hall’s newspaper ‘bin’ (alongside East End Life) for free copies of East London News, the successor to London Bangla.

When I raised this with the council, communications head Takki Sulaiman insisted there was nothing wrong. Tory leader Peter Golds then complained and now embarrassed Takki has been forced by his bosses into a U-turn.

Dear Councillor Golds,

I am writing in response to your enquiry regarding East London News. 

A decision was made in early August to allow 5 copies into reception following a request from the publisher. This decision was taken on the basis that we allow other newspapers as well. As you know, the Council is not responsible for the editorial content of the newspapers.

The Council has reviewed this decision and we have decided to exclude all newspapers from reception. This will be hard for some of the journals but the Council does not want to be challenged for allowing one and not another.

It cannot be guaranteed that ELN will never appear in the reception area as often people bring it in and leave it around. Facilities Management staff have been instructed to do regular checks. Finally, we will still allow journals like college prospectuses etc as they provide a service to residents.

If you would like any further information please do not hesitate to contact me on the numbers above.

Yours sincerely

Takki Sulaiman

But even now, Takki can’t resist to mislead. There were far, far more than five copies when I picked up mine.

I hope people are beginning to see what can go on if local papers and paid local journalists fail to do their job…

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