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Richard Beggs, the managing director of Moving Venue, which had invited bankers to booze by maritime war memorials, is now asking us to sympathise with his clients becaus ethey now have to find another venue at short notice.

Here’s his statement:

“Moving Venue fully understands the position the surprising comments made by Trinity House has placed London Borough Tower Hamlets Council in and we can confirm that we are withdrawing from the proposed events at Trinity House.

“Moving Venue had been told by Trinity House that they fully supported the project, confirming approval in June, and have, over the past eight months, looked at all relevant logistics of the event venue.  Acknowledging the sensitivities around the venue location, from the outset we had robust plans in place to preserve the dignity and safeguard the security of the memorial gardens, which had been reviewed by London Borough Tower Hamlets Council during our discussions.

“However, following the pressure on London Borough Tower Hamlets Council, who have acted fairly and impeccably throughout, from adverse media coverage, Moving Venue confirms that it will not be using the venue. We are now in the process of contacting those clients that had made arrangements to use the venue, helping them to ensure they are able to find a suitable alternative at such short notice.

“We fully understand the concerns raised and had little hesitation in withdrawing the events, but would reiterate that we were invited by Trinity House to consider the site as a venue”.

Richard Beggs
Managing Director, Moving Venue

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