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In previous posts, I’ve suggested that Lutfur Rahman probably needs to be careful about who he chooses as his friends.

It’s quite possible that the likes of millionaire businessman Shiraj Haque and Mohammed Mahee Jalil Ferdhaus, the convicted insurance fraudster who owns the popular Bangladeshi satellite TV station Channel S, which, separately, is a major fundraiser for the East London Mosque, will want a return for their support.

The latter, especially, seems to court, er, how shall we put it, the occasional spot of trouble.

In the early hours of Wednesday, May 25, Mahee was allegedly abducted leaving his own office in Walthamstow, then blindfolded and taken across London before being strung up by the ankles and apparently beaten to a pulp and scolded with boiling water.

After being tortured, he was allegedly later dumped on the North Circular and given £30 to find a cab to take him home and then on to hospital, where I’m told he still remains. Mahee believes his abductors were thugs hired by a business rival.

Admittedly, this Kray-style account – it is a curious must-read here – does come from the website of the East London News, which is an offshoot of that well-known purveyor of accuracy, the London Bangla, but the police are involved.

Soon after the alleged incident, the police issued the following statement:

“A 38 year old man remains in an east London hospital in a serious but stable condition following an alleged assault on Wednesday 25th May in Walthamstow E17. Enquiries by Waltham Forest Police are continuing.”

Since then, a 41-year-old man from Windermere Gardens, Ilford, has been arrested and charged with alleged abduction. He appeared at Waltham Forest Magistrates’ Court on May 30 and was remanded in custody. (I have his name, but for legal reasons, I’m not publishing it at this stage – anyone wanting it can contact me by email).

I hope Lutfur’s THEOs, the sub-plastic policemen he he employs at great expense, are putting in extra VIP protection training these days…

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