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Eleven days ago, I wrote here that Tower Hamlets council had accepted a booking for an “Islamic Revival” conference that was being organised by Al Muhajiroun’s Anjem Choudary and which was to feature a live video-linked speech by Omar Bakri Muhammad. It was due to take place tomorrow.

When senior council figures were made aware of the booking, they cancelled it.

This morning, Anjem Choudary announced that he has a new venue. This is from his website


New Venue: International Islamic Revival Conference 2010, Water Lily Business Center, 10 Cleveland Way, London, E1 4UF.

Due to the oppressive British regime, its local authorities and police, The Islamic Revival Conference 2010 has been relocated to the above address.

There will be a LIVE address by Sheikh Omar Bakri Muhammad AND from Sheikh Faisel to be broadcast at the new venue insha’allah.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

Islamic Revival Team

The Water Lily is in Mile End Road and is based in what was the famous Wickhams department store. I have just spoken to the owner. He said he had had “loads” of phone calls from worried friends and neighbours. He said he had this morning been in touch with the police. Why? Because no such booking has ever been made. It is a complete fabrication, he said.

He told me: “In the past, we’ve cancelled some bookings from some of his other groups, so maybe he’s deliberately trying to annoy us.”

Looks like you’re just not wanted in Tower Hamlets, Anjem…

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