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A couple of years ago I highlighted the the spending by Tower Hamlets council on a fairly useless communications tool called My Tower Hamlets. It was designed by Captive Minds, a company that has had a long and fruitful relationship with the council’s head of communications, Takki Sulaiman, both during his time at the town hall and previously when he worked for Cafcass.

It sends out thousands of text messages to people…at a cost to the people.

This one has just been sent tonight.

Message from Mayor Lutfur Rahman: Take care during the stormy weather.

See [link] for info, contact number and advice on council services.

The link takes you to this message from the Dear Leader on the council’s website:


Of course, there’s no harm in the council issuing warnings and advice like this…but why does Lutfur feel the need to personalise it?

Can you imagine a Mayor John Biggs have the brass neck, the lack of humility to do something similar?

If there are storms, expect Lutfur out and about in his Merc tomorrow. With an East End Life photographer in tow.

Truth is Lutfur is a bit of a drama queen.

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