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I’ll write later on today’s verdict but I thought it’d be useful to provide Richard Mawrey’s ruling in full as a separate document.

But nothing can replicate the tone with which he read his executive summary this morning.

The full ruling is here:

Richard Mawrey QC’s ruling on Tower Hamlets election court. I particularly like paras 201 and 421.

In short, Lutfur Rahman lost on seven of nine counts. He has been removed from office and is barred from standing in the re-run for Mayor, which is likely on June 11. He faces costs of at least £250,000. His agent, Cllr Alibor Choudhury, as also been removed from office.

Cllr Oliur Rahman is now Acting Mayor and must choose a deputy. The remaining Tower Hamlets First councillors remain in office. Mr Mawrey said their elections had also been corrupt but they weren’t named in the petition, so they can’t be removed. The council’s legal chief told me that would now be a matter for the police, should they want to take a case up.

Lutfur’s only appeal route is a judicial review, but the ruling was extremely damning. A judicial review could not in itself prevent a new election.

More later.

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