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Cllr Rabina Khan is an ex-Labour and now Independent in Mayor Lutfur Rahman’s cabinet. She lives in Lindley Street, Stepney, and runs her own media and consultancy business. Her website is here, where it tells us more about her:

Hello, my name is Rabina Khan and welcome to my website. 

I am a Writer, Producer and Creative Consultant, living and working for many years in Tower Hamlets, London. I’m involved in a range of writing, speaking, film, moving image and creative projects and I enjoy what I do. 

Over the years my writing and creative work has developed into film treatments, script writing, film making and managing commissions.

Creativity really is her forte, there’s no doubt about that. How else to explain a cab fare of £120.63 for a 1.5 mile trip from the Town Hall in Mulberry Place to Mile End Park on March 28 last year? As the Tories point out, the 277 bus would have taken her there directly…in 15 minutes. For £1.35.

And how else to explain a return trip from her home to Hackney Town Hall for £76 last May? On June 20, she even billed us £20 for a taxi from Mulberry Place to Mulberry Girls School, where she is a governor. Let’s hope it was in relation to her role as cabinet member for housing.

Date Fare From To Other
17.11.11 £33.35 Lindley St and Jamaica
House of Commons (With Cllr Alibor Choudhury)
17.11.11 £40.00 House of Commons Lindley St and Jamaica
(With Cllr Alibor Choudhury)
12.1.12 £11.80 John Scurr House Angel House, E14 John Scurr is opposite the entrance
to Limehouse DLR, Angel House is close to South Quay DLR
12.1.12 £11.50 Mulberry Place Sadler House
20.1.12 £83.31 Mulberry Place Quin Close, E1
14.3.12 £39.18 Anchorage House Brabner House
14.3.12 £25.25 Brabner House Mulberry Place
21.3.12 £36.58 Anchorage House Conisborough College, SE6
21.3.12 £88.26 Conisborough College, SE6 Lindley St Total of:
125.84 for this trip
28.3.12 £120.63 Mulberry Place Mile End Park The 277 Bus goes door to door !
17.4.12 £18.88 Mulberry Place Cable Street
17.4.12 £12.51 Cable Street Shackleton House
17.4.12 £15.58 Brodick Street Wickham Close
1.5.12 £11.80 Albert Gardens Newport House
8.5.12 £13.92 Leylan House Fisher House
15.5.12 £58.56 St Mathias Centre, E14 Ada House, E2
17.5.12 £13.22 Lindley St Hackney Town Hall
17.5.12 £62.81 Hackney Town Hall Lindley St Total Cost 76.03. The 277 bus stops
in Mare Street
30.5.12 £14.16 Anchorage House Byng Street
30.5.12 £12.04 Byng Street Mulberry Place Easily reached by bus or DLR from
Town Hall complex
31.5.12 £14.40 Leylan House Candy Street
31.5.12 £20.30 Candy Street Dewberry Street
31.5.12 £19.12 Dewberry Street Welland Mews
31.5.12 £11.33 Reardon House, E1 Rochester Court, E2
11.6.12 £12.04 Emmott Close, E1 Bigland School
13.6.12 £28.56
13.6.12 £22.42 City Hall Mulberry Place 7 Minute journey on Jubilee Line
from London Bridge-Canary Wharf
18.6.12 £28.62 Mulberry Place Oxford House, E2
18.6.12 £15.34 Oxford House Lindley St
19.6.12 £21.00 Newton House, E1 St Matthias Centre, E14
20.6.12 £24.51 Mulberry Place Mulberry Girls School
25.6.12 £13.69 Cheviot House Velitri House
25.6.12 £26.43 Rushmead Mulberry Place
25.6.12 £50.68 Mulberry Place Chicksand St
26.6.12 £20.06 Mulberry Place PlacePlace Stratford Old Town Hall
29.6.12 £36.44 Mulberry Place Oxford House
Total  £1,088.58

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Following on from Lutfur’s cab claims, next up are the taxi fares Deputy Mayor Cllr Ohid Ahmed billed to the taxpayer in 2011 and until June 2012, just to make his life a little easier.

His annual allowance for his role is £25,000, and he lives in Oban Street, Poplar, which is about a 10-minute walk to the Jubilee Line at Canning Town station and a 12-minute walk to East India DLR.

Yet he has twice billed us more than £100 for functions at the Houses of Parliament.

One was a return trip from the Town Hall in Mulberry Place on Feb 10, 2011, that cost £121. Now, it takes about 26 minutes by DLR and Tube to Westminster for a return fare of £4.20. And lo and behold, according to AA Route Planner, by car it takes…26 minutes! And, according to this online minicab quote, a return taxi fare would ordinarily cost £50. So this means, our supposedly cost-saving council is using an extortionate limo service, or our supposedly cost-saving deputy mayor has been keeping the meter running while he attends his very, very important meetings in Westminster.

His second trip to Parliament was on July 14, 2011, when he ordered a cab to collect him from his home and then return him to the Shadwell Centre for £122.

And I wonder what the barons at Unison feel about him charging taxpayers £140 for a return trip from Mulberry Place to their Euston Road HQ on Dec 14, 2011. Maybe, like millions of others who have no choice but to suffer it every day, Ohid just dislikes the Northern Line.

Date Fare Venue Comment
22.10.10 £17.17 Ocean Estate Photocall
13.12.10 £52.13 House of Commons  
15.12.10 £25.89 Cable Street  
10.2.11 £121.71 House of Commons Return to Mulberry
12.2.11 £106.43 Baden Powell House, SW7 Return to Oban St
22.3.11 £63.75 Brick Lane Return to Mulberry
28.3.11 £50.61 Bethnal Green Tech College Return to Oban St
28.3.11 £30.68 Bethnal Green Tech College Return to Oban St, seems
to have been charged twice – see above?
26.4.11 £59.44 Shadwell Childrens Centre Return to Mulberry
11.5.11 £52.90 Ocean Youth Centre Return to Mulberry
16.5.11 £86.14 London SOAS Return to Oban St (1-way,
Lutfur also went,returned separately, Lutfur’s total was £64.08)
14.7.11 £122.65 House of Lords/Shadwell
Oban St to House of
Lords/House of Lords to Shadwell Centre
14.7.11 £3.30 Shadwell centre Return to Oban St
2.8.11 £51.69 Pudding Mill Lane DLR To and from Oban St
9.11.13 £22.18 Bethnal Green Police
From Oban Street
6.9.11 £36.11 House of Commons From Oban St
9.11.11 £90.85 London Councils, London
To and from Mulberry
11/1111 £59.45 City Hall To and from Oban st
12.11.11 £66.93 Mansion House To and from Oban St
14.12.11 £140.89 Unison Centre, Euston Road From Mulberry return to
Oban St
28.3.12 £68.44 Government Hospital From Mulberry return to
Stepney Green
18.4.12 £33.97 Royal London Hospital  
17.5.12 £32.74 The Royal regency, Manor
This seems to be a
function/wedding type venue
17.5.12 £56.34 O2 Centre Collected from the Royal
14.6.12 £29.74 The View, E3 Collected from Oban St,
returned (7pm) Chrisp St
TOTAL £1,482.13    

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