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Answer: Surely, yes.

On my way to work at the Olympic Park yesterday I saw this:


This tiny plot of scrubland is at the western base of the footbridge that crosses the A12 dual carriageway at Cadogan Terrace, which is right next to Victoria Park.

Here are two other shots of it:

The stables are behind that advertising billboard.

As I stopped to have a look, a man in a yellow T-shirt arrived (he’s the man climbing over the fence in the first picture). I asked him what the graffiti was all about. Bloody animal rights, he said. “Cruel, my arse. Where do they expect horses to be kept?”

He told me he was going to be keeping a couple of horses in there from this week. He also said he had a larger field but he declined to say where.

I asked him what the horses were used for and he said they were for his cart, that they were for work. He wouldn’t say what work, other than it was not for passengers. Perhaps he’s a rag and bone ban, I don’t know.

He then tried opening his padlocks to the makeshift “stables” but couldn’t because they’d been glued. That’s why he had to climb over. He then looked rattled when I started asking more questions, such as whether he had planning permission (“Yes, I’ve got all the permissions I need).

I can’t find any reference to it on the Tower Hamlets Council planning website and the press office is now looking into it.

If the animal rights campaigners don’t defeat him, then I suspect the various authorities will.


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