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The commenter “Konnu” on my last post about the Clowns of Tower Hamlets has pointed us all in the direction of Ross Lydall’s blog on the Evening Standard website. It was Ross who broke the story about Speaker Mizan Chaudhury’s taxi bills. On his blog, he provides the detail of the claims Mizan has made since last September when he felt forced by Mercedes Mayor Lutfur Rahman to take taxis to official events.

The amounts are quite mind-boggling and as another commenter, “You couldn’t make it up!”, also noted on the last post, they raise serious questions about who signed them off and why.

Clearly, these could not have been ordinary black cabs the Speaker was taking to events such as the “Sultanate of Oman’s National Day reception in west London” on November 18 (cost £128.10), or to a “Citizenship ceremony in Hampton Court” on October 25 (cost £258.80); or to a “Reception for the Ethiopian Ambassador in Redbridge” on October 31 (cost £146.69); or even to the “Speaker of Hackney’s Charity Event in Mare Street” five miles away from the Tower Hamlets Town Hall on September 28 (cost £145.80).

And not even to the “Mayor of Brent’s Charity Tour of Wembley Stadium” on September 22 at a cost of £205…

Surely not? So what kind of cars cost that? Why was the meter left running?

Some of these events suggest there is some kind of cross-borough ceremonial mayoral racket going on with taxpayers picking up the tab.

Perhaps we should all fork out for a new vehicle for Mizan that would safely allow him to carry his chains. Here’s an idea:

They’re outside Thames Magistrates’ Court every day…

In the meantime, download the full details of the claims here:

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