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A little break from Tower Hamlets politics for you.

A sunny Sunday stroll in November around Bow and Fish Island (er, sorry Hackney Wick and soon to be Sweetwater) can really warm the heart. There’s a growing artistic community in the area and here’s how the little things are making a bit of difference.

Taken from my flat in Bow:

And here’s a series of delightful mini-sculptures on the towpath by the Hackney Cut where it meets the River Lea, next to the Olympic Stadium. (If anyone knows the artist, please let me know.)


This is just by A12 bridge on Wick Lane by St Mark’s Gate in Victoria Park: one side of the road…

And on the other…


And here’s the first picture of the infamous fabric wrap that Dow Chemical are erecting on the Olympic Stadium, much to the outrage of people in Bhopal (expect this issue, which I first reported on in August and blogged recently on here, to receive serious TV/media attention on Tuesday…). Eight test panels seem to have been erected – with little Locog publicity, surprise, surprise. Notice The Orbit in the background.

And here’s something topical: an advert on the corner of Wansbeck Road and Monier Road in Fish Island. Given the growing problem of cable theft, cash payments for scrap metal will soon become a thing of the past.

This is our wonderful East End – the old and the new.

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