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Anjem Choudary has just sent this text to his supporters:

Urgent announcement: I’ll be leading the funeral prayer for Sheikh Usama outside the US embassy this Fri @ 3pm & will demand his body be returned to his family

A couple of weeks ago I ran this post about how Anjem has made as his new base the Centre for Islamic Studies at 32 New Road, Whitechapel. In this article for the Sunday Express on the same day, I wrote:

AN INVESTIGATION was launched last night into more than £1million of Government contracts awarded to the brother of Britain’s most notorious hate cleric who is plotting to ruin the Royal Wedding.

Vince Cable’s business department is examining whether funds given to Yazdani Choudary for IT training and apprenticeship projects over the past seven years were “allocated properly”.

Mr Choudary, 48, is the wealthy elder brother of Anjem Choudary, 44, whose fanatical groups such as Al-Muhajiroun and Islam4UK, are banned in Britain.

Anjem, who wants a worldwide Islamic state and threatened a rabble-rousing march through Wootton Bassett to disrupt coming home ceremonies for dead British soldiers, is UK spokesman for Al Qaeda sympathiser Omar Bakri Mohammed.

The latest group with which he is involved, Muslims Against Crusades, is planning to cause chaos at next week’s wedding with a “forceful demonstration”.

The group has warned Prince William “and his Nazi best man” Prince Harry that unless they immediately withdraw from the military, the “day which the nation has been dreaming of for so long will become a nightmare”.

Prince Harry, depicted on the fanatics’ website with a swastika on his Army beret, is expected to become a greater target after being promoted to Captain yesterday. He will get extra training on Apache helicopters and learn how to use them in Afghanistan.

Scotland Yard fears violent clashes in London on Royal Wedding day with the extremist English Defence League, which staged a stand-off with a large Muslim march outside the US Embassy in London on Friday.

The Government’s inquiry came after a Sunday Express investigation into Anjem Choudary’s new teaching and recruiting wing, the Centre for Islamic Services. It operates from the basement of a three-storey building in New Road, Whitechapel, east London, bought by brother Yazdani on a nine-year lease for £26,000. An application in Yazdani’s name to convert two floors for use as an “Islamic teaching centre” was refused last month by Tower Hamlets Council. We have also established that:

CIS placed 22 adverts for new pupils in Tower Hamlets Council’s weekly paper East End Life.

Yazdani lives with a GP in a £690,000 mansion in a rich suburb of Purley, Surrey.

He owns Best Training Solutions Ltd, which has been awarded seven years of Government funding to deliver Learn Direct IT training in London.

Yazdani hired Al Muhajiroun supporter Shah-Jalal Hussain, 28, who was jailed for two years in 2008 for trying to raise funds for overseas terrorists, to carry out work for Best Training.

Last year, Yazdani Choudary set up Master Printers Ltd on the ground floor above the CIS.

Over a period of weeks, the Sunday Express watched Anjem Choudary going in and out, as well as supporters including Muslims Against Crusades spokesman Asad Ullah and Shah Jalal Hussain.

Yazdani refused to answer our questions about graphic designer Hussain, or whether Master Printers produces leaflets or websites for groups involving Anjem.

Hussain rang us to complain we were “sabotaging” his business and warned: “Rot in hell or embrace Islam.”

Anjem Choudary said he was “too busy” to talk about the CIS.

We handed our findings to the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills.

A spokesman said: “We take these accusations seriously. We will investigate.”

Last night, the Muslims Against Crusades website showed images of the Royal Crown burning, a smiling Prince William superimposed over a dead Afghan child, and captions of the Queen and other senior royals as “The Crusaders”.

What we established was a clear link between Dani and Anjem in relation to the CIS. It may well be that Dani Choudary is simply a businessman in partnership with his brother to try and make money. However, just a week after this article, East End Life continued to carry adverts for Dani’s Best Training Solutions company.

Our questions to Dani Choudary remain unanswered. Has the council been in touch with him? Will it continue to promote his business through East End Life? Has it asked him to sign its No Place for Hate pledge? What do Yazdani and his wife, a GP in Thornton Heath, think of Anjem’s latest antics in relation to Osama bin Laden?

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