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Away a while

Apparently there was a bit of a bust up at the council meeting last night when my old mate and Lutfur’s biggest fan did a bit of an ambassadorial role for the borough by boorishly leading the cheers from the public gallery.

There was also some homophobic and anti-Semitic abuse thrown in from some sitting nearby, it has been alleged.

The police are now investigating. If I were Lutfur, I’d tell Mr Haque to stay away in future. I saw his behaviour first hand in December and it was not only ugly, it was intimidating.

And if I were Shiraj and after lucrative contracts to supply the Olympics with his curries, I’d also stay away…

Anyway, I wasn’t there and I’ve not been able to comment on it because I’ve been away on the other side of the world. And I don’t mean Newham.

Back next week.

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