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For the next instalment of the unguarded views of Respect party members aired in such places as Facebook, allow me to introduce Abul “Abz” Hussain. According to his homepage and this link, Abul is a member of Respect’s National Council and as such a very senior figure within George Galloway’s party, which is backing Lutfur Rahman for Tower Hamlets mayor. Respect commenter Prinkipo Exile made the point on this thread that:

Respect has always opposed anti-semitism and its leader Salma Yaqoob stepped out of line within the muslim community for opposing the boycott of Holocaust Memorial Day by the very establishment oriented Muslim Council of Britain.

Whether you agree with Salma Yaqoob’s views or not, she always seems to be a woman of integrity and principle. So I wonder what she and Prinkipo Exile will make of the following discussion on Abul’s Facebook site last week:

Abul ‘Abz’ Hussain feels like growing a moustache…hmmmm….

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    • Shah ‘Aziz’ur Rahman You already have one 🙂 Yesterday at 2:21am ·
    • Abul ‘Abz’ Hussain I mean proper one with no beard lol Yesterday at 2:35am ·
    • Shah ‘Aziz’ur Rahman Try it! You’ll look mexican lol Yesterday at 2:36am ·
    • Fazarnoor Zaman u wanna look lyk salman khan in dabaang don’t ya…you ugly rat! Yesterday at 2:41am ·
    • Abul ‘Abz’ Hussain I haven’t watched dabaang nor seen a trailer, just heard the name, any good? Yesterday at 2:43am ·
    • Fazarnoor Zaman http://www.mastione.com/wp-content/gallery/salman-khan-in/salman-khan-in-3-mastione.jpgu vaant 2 look like this don’t you…bashtaar bitch! =P Yesterday at 2:44am ·
    • Abul ‘Abz’ Hussain just saw trailer on youtube, hmmm dont look too bad mine would be more Italian styled! Yesterday at 2:46am ·
    • Fazarnoor Zaman u mean yahuddi style! Yesterday at 2:46am ·
    • Shah ‘Aziz’ur Rahman Jew! Yesterday at 2:47am ·
    • Abul ‘Abz’ Hussain u know the worlds coming to an end when a jew accuses another of being of his kind! Yesterday at 2:50am ·
    • Shah ‘Aziz’ur Rahman Lame Yesterday at 2:50am ·
    • Fazarnoor Zaman loooooooooool don’t fight now kids! Yesterday at 2:50am ·
    • Abul ‘Abz’ Hussain jews like u are boring so find everything lame, here’s a penny go put it in the bank and u just might get a pound after ten years interest! Yesterday at 2:53am ·
    • Shah ‘Aziz’ur Rahman Someones annoyed tonight. Think you need to save the pennies for that big mansion and ferrari in the drive. Yesterday at 2:55am ·
    • Abul ‘Abz’ Hussain Mate I’m after the pounds! 😉 Yesterday at 2:57am ·
    • Abul ‘Abz’ Hussain Not annoyed, u started the jew business! Yesterday at 2:57am · · 2 peopleLoading…
    • Shah ‘Aziz’ur Rahman Sorry I meant flat in stamford hill and volvo parked down the street:p Yesterday at 2:58am · · 2 peopleLoading...
    • Fazarnoor Zaman i started it lol! now i’ll end it.. before i chop both of your curly sideburns off and confiscate your kippah loool! Yesterday at 2:59am ·
  • Abul ‘Abz’ Hussain I should have put u on that convoy to Gaza, could have traded the Jew with the Israelis to let the aid through, but then again they’d probably reject u as ur too much of a jew by their standards!
  • Silly kids messing around is one thing, but Abul Hussain is a national council member and policy maker for Respect, whose founding principles include anti-racism.

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